The following are examples of the sort of hopes and wishes that you can ask your friends and family to carry out. It is not legally enforceable but can be kept with your important documents.

  1. I hope that someone will look after my cat George and my dog Fred. George only eats Whiskas and Fred likes any food. He needs his toenails trimmed every three months. The vet I use is The Vet Surgery, High Street, Bromwich.

  2. Please donate all my clothes to the hospice charity shop.

  3. I would like my friend Vera and my neighbour Tony and Jill to choose something from my belongings, in accordance with the family’s wishes.

  4. Please announce my death on Facebook so that everyone knows. I don’t want my page taken over, so please could someone delete my account and my email address with Gmail. My login is my email address and the password 77F$u8s”gg for both.

  5. I would like my ashes to be scattered on Butser Hill in Hampshire or on any hill with a panoramic view in the UK.

  6. Please find letters to my family in the broom cupboard at the back.

  7. I would like my husband to marry again but not to move her into our cottage, please.

Finally, get it witnessed by someone who won't benefit from your will and store it with your will.